RapidSearch Go


If you are looking for a website search that is both fast and super-easy to setup, then RapidSearch Go has you covered!

RapidSearch Go is powered by the DuckDuckGo search engine. DuckDuckGo is an increasingly popular alternative to Google; with emphasis on protecting user privacy and delivering accurate search results. The option for performing web searches with DuckDuckGo is now built-into several mainstream web browsers (like Safari and Firefox). So this search engine, with rather humble beginnings, is steadily increasing its marketshare.

Our RapidSearch Go stack is pure HTML and CSS. No Javascript, PHP or MySQL. This stack will display a simple, fully customisable, search box in your webpage. Unlike the DuckDuckGo widget, this search box does not use an iFrame and is optimised for webpage accessibility. This search box is also 100% compatible with RapidSearch Helper, if you need even more style options.

When the search button is pressed, a new tab or browser window opens. The search keywords and other parameters are passed over to DuckDuckGo, who then compile a list of search results.

An extensive choice of customisable options are available for your search results on DuckDuckGo. Not only can you choose what website to search, but some degree of styling and colouring is also feasible. Setup of this stack is incredibly easy, because DuckDuckGo require no registration, API or license codes. If you know how to drag and drop a stack into your webpage, then you are already more-than proficient enough to use RapidSearch Go!


This is a working example of the RapidSearch Go stack. It has been configured to return search results from several popular RapidWeaver websites.

How do I optimise existing webpages for better searching with RapidSearch Go?
See this ThemeFlood knowledgebase article, if you are using a ThemeFlood theme and want to take advantage of several clever SEO features built into these themes. In summary; ensure every webpage has a sensible browser title, meta description and meta keywords. Focus on writing quality and 'to the point' content. Give images proper file names and an ALT attribute that describes briefly what the image is about. Make sure your website has a sitemap.xml file in the root directory, and the website is easy for both end users and search engines to navigate. Webpages that are dynamically generated or password protected stand less chance of being indexed.

System requirements
RapidSearch Go has the following minimum system requirements:
  • RapidWeaver 7 or above
  • Stacks 3.5 or above
Please make sure you have both RapidWeaver and Stacks installed on your computer, before downloading or buying RapidSearch Go. If you want to search your own website, then this should have ideally already been published online several weeks previously, so it has had an opportunity to be indexed by different search engines, including DuckDuckGo. The reliability of the search results returned for your own website is dependable on how well search engine optimised your website is.

Using RapidSearch Go
Follow these instructions for adding a RapidSearch Go stack to your website. RapidSearch Go is especially good for novice RapidWeaver users, who may not have used stacks like RapidSearch Go before.
  1. Download the free demo version from this webpage (using the button above).
  2. Un-zip the download package (if it does not do so already).
  3. Drag and drop RapidSearchGo.stack onto your RapidWeaver dock icon.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts for installing RapidSearch Go and restart RapidWeaver when done.
  5. Add a Stacks page type to your website, if you have not done so already.
  6. Open the Stacks Library. Drag and drop a copy of RapidSearch Go into your webpage.
  7. With the stack selected in Edit mode, go-ahead and change any settings you want to reconfigure.
  8. Preview the webpage, to see the completed result. Publish your webpage when done.

All settings display a small informational tooltip on mouseover. So if you are unsure about what a certain setting does, the tooltip might help you.

If you are able to get the free demo version to work and you are pleased with RapidSearch Go, then you can purchase the full 'unlocked' version using the button above. The free demo version displays a watermark credit below itself, fades-out of display after 1 minute and automatic updates are blocked. Purchasing a full copy of the stack removes these demo restrictions and entitles you to free support and updates.

Restricting what websites are searched
Within the RapidSearch Go settings, you can provide a comma-separated list of website domain names you want searched. For example if I wanted to restrict the search results returned to RealMac Software, Yourhead, ThemeFlood, Stacks4Stacks and RapidSearch Pro, I would enter the following within the Sites To Search Box:


Look closely and notice that there is no space between each of the domain names and we do not include a comma after the final website. These addresses do not need to start with 'https://' or 'www' either.

Where the search results are returned
RapidSearch Go takes the words a user enters and passes them over to DuckDuckGo. For greater privacy, the search results are shown on the DuckDuckGo website. By default the results are shown in a new tab or browser window. Because RapidWeaver Preview mode does not support new tabs or browser windows (RapidWeaver has no address bar) the search results will instead be returned within the same window.
Please read the following carefully:

System requirements
This stack requires RapidWeaver by Realmac Software and the Stacks plugin by Yourhead Software. It will not work with other publishing platforms (like Wordpress). We recommend you aim towards installing the latest version of RapidWeaver that your computer is capable of running (preferably RapidWeaver 7 or greater) and Stacks 3 or later.

If you cannot get the free demo version of this stack to work, DO NOT proceed with purchasing this stack - please request technical assistance first.

Prices shown on the website exclude any applicable VAT. The final price payable is shown at the checkout. You will be sent a full receipt by email. Charitable and bulk discounts may be available on request. Please get in touch if you have any queries about our pricing.

License agreement
You may use this purchased stack an unlimited number of times in personal or commercial projects, request technical support.

This stack can be installed or synced onto all computers that you own. You are permitted to make archival backup copies of the stack.

You may not resell or make this stack available for download, remove copyright credits or license information.

The software is provided "as is" without any implied or expressed warranty of merchantability or fitness for purpose. In no event shall the authors or copyright holders be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise arising from, out of or in connection with the software or the use or other dealings in the software.

Refund policy
By purchasing this stack, you agree that your purchase will be available immediately via digital download and that you waive your statutory right of withdrawal.

All purchases are final and refunds will not be provided (we physically cannot un-download or remove addons from your computer).

You are reminded to make use of the free demo version already provided on the website, to fully evaluate this stack for compatibility and suitability before purchase.

Customer support
If you have questions that relate specifically to this stack, you should make contact via the support page. You may also request support via the RapidWeaver forums.