Website searching made simple

Many of us want to give our website visitors the ability to quickly punch a few keywords into a search box and see search results. Usability experts will tell you that a search box is frequently one of the first things a website user will reach for. A website of any size can benefit from having a search box. But all too often, we find the reality of getting a reliable search function working within a RapidWeaver website is a task fraught with various obstacles and frustration. So we developed the RapidSearch and RapidSearch Pro stacks. Use either of these clever stacks to quickly deploy seamless, modern, site-wide searching capabilities across your RapidWeaver-authored websites.


The original RapidSearch addon for RapidWeaver. This ever-popular stack uses the Google search engine to index all your webpages and display page or image search results to end users. It's the easiest of the two stacks to setup. A true "set-and-forget" search addon!

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RapidSearch Pro

RapidSearch Pro builds a search index specifically for your website and provides fast, highly accurate, and up-to-date search results. RapidSearch Pro also provides a secure online admin area, where you can remotely manage your search index and access search statistics.

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A third alternative to both RapidSearch and RapidSearch Pro is the SimpleSearch stack by Stacks4Stacks. This stack is ideal for smaller websites (less than 50 pages) and lets you manually build a search index. It's a great, lightweight and simplistic solution; if you want website searching without dependancies on Google or MySQL databases. SimpleSearch is also developed, supported and loved by us :-)