Fast, Accurate, & Up-to-Date Search Results.

RapidSearch Pro is the professional search plugin for your RapidWeaver® website.
RapidSearch Pro builds a search index specifically for your website and provides fast,
highly accurate, and up-to-date search results. RapidSearch Pro also provides a
secure online application out-of-the-box where you can easily manage your
search index.

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How RapidSearch Pro Helps You

Accurate and Up-To-Date Search Results

RapidSearch Pro maintains its own full-text search index so your RapidWeaver website's search results will always be accurate and up-to-date.

Customize Your Search Results

RapidSearch Pro lets you customize your search results page with your own colors, styled text header, and styled text footer.

MySQL Full-Text Search Indexing

RapidSearch Pro uses MySQL full-text indexing to provide fast, accurate, and relevant search results for your RapidWeaver website.

Search Index Administration

RapidSearch Pro provides a secure and easy-to-use search index management console so you can fine-tune your RapidWeaver website's search results.


Quickly and easily integrate custom search results into your RapidWeaver website using RapidSearch Pro's JSON API and Javascript.

Search with Boolean Logic

RapidSearch Pro supports Boolean Logic operators so your website visitors can find exactly the page they are looking for.


  • RapidSearch Pro Design Tab with Page Inspector
  • RapidSearch Pro Account Tab
  • RapidSearch Pro Database Tab
  • RapidSearch Pro Search Index Management Console Login
  • RapidSearch Pro Search Index Management Console
  • RapidSearch Pro Sitemap Tab

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